Our Aims And Purposes
  • The Ostomy Support Group East Valley Arizona was founded in 1981. We are affiliated with
    the United Ostomy Association of America, a national organization of local support groups.
  • To provide a local organization for the rehabilitation of persons who have lost the normal
    function of their bowel or bladder and now have a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, or alternate
  • To encourage and maintain a personal exchange of ideas and methods for the rehabilitation of
    those who have ostomies.
  • To promote better methods of ostomy care and management and the improvement of ostomy
    appliances, equipment and supplies.
  • To cooperate with other organizations which have, in whole or in part, similar objectives, aims
    and purposes.
  • To sponsor exhibits at leading medical and public meetings.
  • To inform the general public about ostomy surgery, thereby helping to eliminate prejudice and
    discrimination and helping to find ostomates in need of assistance.
  • To advance the knowledge of gastro-intestinal and urological diseases, their causes, treatments,
    cures and prevention.
  • To help every ostomate live a well-adjusted, normal and productive life.

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Our next meeting  will be at our regular meeting venue, MESA FIRST
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 161 N Mesa Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201
Sunday O
ctober 19, 2014

Our program for
October 19 will be  provided by our wonderful WOCN
nurses. Their programs are always a  
suprise ,informational, inspirational and just plain fun

Please bring a snack to be shared by all after the general meeting.

Our meetings generally held on the third Sunday of the month. We welcome anyone that may have questions
relating to an Ostomy. We have over 100 members of all ages with Ostomies, numerous associates and family
members. Nearly everyone has had periods of distress with various problems from leaks to skin issues. We
generally have at least 2 licensed Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses at our meetings to answer any of your
Whether or not you might like to join our group officially, please feel free to attend our meetings.
For information call Darlene Kosman (480) 812-0324

OUR NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Saturday November 1, 2014
inner workings of your elected Board of Directors.